Seeking info on plague theory

Charles Hiltzheimer luxferro at
Tue Jun 13 23:40:04 EST 1995

wfields at (William M Fields,NB234  LRC ,551-3059,8) wrote:
> In a previous article, at (Christopher Haley) says:
> >Hello all,
> >    I am currently writing a paper for school on some of the killer
> >viruses. I have heard about something called "GAYA OR GIA OR MABE GAEA"
> >theorism. I'm obviously not sure of the spelling, however the gist of
> >it is that when the world becomes over populated or over taxed it will
> >essentilly fight back. Through viruses or what ever other means
> >necessary. If any of this rings a bell with anyone, please post the
> >correct spelling of it and maybe a source of info.
> >
> >Thank you, T.Page at
> >
> Gaia hypothesis
> The Gaia Hypothesis by James Lovelock
also Gaia, an Autobiography of Our Living Planet by James Lovelock
Both books explain the theory of the Earth as a self-regulating mechanismliving
creature operating on a vast series of feedback loops.

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