First EM photo of HIV on the internet!

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Fri Jun 16 10:31:11 EST 1995

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(Todd Miller - Pharmacology) wrote:
>        I really don't think OJ or lunar landings have anything to
>do with my relatively straight forward question about the methods
>used to prepare the EM.  But if you want to rant and rave in 2
>separate follow-ups before you provide me the simple information
>I asked for, well...  Somehow I get the feeling that if I said
>"James, you are right.  This *is* "pure HIV"", you would be more
>irritated than you seem to be now.

Agreed! Those previous messages were a little HOT :-)
I think Todd pushed the HIV-virologist's "button"....

But isn't there something about counting to 10 before flaming?

Hey, I know how you feel James,  a high ranking CDC person just told me he'd
be happy to autoclave all smallpox stocks  - no interest in the biology AT
ALL :-(
- and I like your WWW site!


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