Fri Jun 16 10:06:37 EST 1995

Muriel Lederman wrote: 

In all honesty, I'm getting awfully tired of requests for information that
say "Please tell me everything you know about virus XYZ" or "Please tell me
where to start looking for information about virus XYZ". When these come
from (obvious) children, I cut them a little slack. When it seems to come
from members of the academic community (as evidenced by a ".edu") or an
adult (".com") I start to lose my cool. Doesn't anyone think of using a
library any more??? Go in and look up "Virology, General" or "Virus XYZ" in
what passes for a card catalog these days.

Muriel Lederman            
Department of Biology                         
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg VA 24061-0406

I couldn't agree more.  When I started seeing goofy questions about reverse 
transcriptase I got annoyed.  I think that answering Q's from children is actually a 
lot more rewarding than acting as the online virology text for lazy adults.  I'm 
surprised at how uninformed some of us are.  I feel like saying: "crack open a book." 
I laugh profusely when I saw what someone wrote about designing a virus board game - 
I'm sorry, it was just so silly.  I guess the ones that really get me are the .com's 
or .AOL's that blast in here and demand info.


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Adenovirus replication and host cell interactions
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