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Fri Jun 16 14:18:02 EST 1995

Hi, I just wanted to let Sean know that he was not being singled out.  I did not even 
see your question. And I think this is the place to get info.  I mean, there are tons 
of experts on hand who can help answer questions.  I guess what I meant to say is that 
occasionally people don't even try a book or catalog before they ask a question like: 
"Does klenow have exonuclease activity?"  However, there have been some really juicey 
questions, which I could not even answer very well.  I think that questions placed in 
context of a system work well.        

Peter C. Angeletti
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Adenovirus replication and host cell interactions
PAngeletti at BMG.BHS.UAB.EDU
zm00016 at

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