encephalomyocarditis virus

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Sun Jun 18 18:32:26 EST 1995

>I need a method for producing a lot of encephalomyocarditis virus,
>not for biological tests but to detect viral proteins in SDS-PAGE.
>I have tried infection and extraction of L929 cells,
>and the celsupernatans had viral activity but not
>enough to detect VP's in an SDS-PAGE (CBB staining).
>I'd rather not work with [35S]-Met, because I want to 
>stain the proteins after Western Blot with [125I]-Ab.
>So I probably have to concentrate the thing one way or another,
>but how?
>please send help to 
> dirk.jochmans at chaos.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be

check out Methods in Enzymology v78 ch48 (1981), still used by some emcv-perts
as the protocol for such preparations. 

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