Taura Virus

Sean Stevens stevens at rockvax.rockefeller.edu
Tue Jun 20 11:06:53 EST 1995

Okay, let me try this again...

I have searched our reference database (Entrez) and looked through all 
our virology books (10) and found no mention of a 'Taura' virus. I heard 
of this in a recent story written up in the NY Times, and a call to the 
paper did not elicit any further directions for scientific 
references-only people's names in the shrimp industry. Therefore, I ask 
that some kind soul with a better feel for the viral literature either 
tell me what resources I've missed or if the name is wrong or...? I am 
interested in the epidemiology and molecular biology of this virus, and 
would appreciate any references. Thank you in advance (this time I 
really did do the footwork-so fewer flames please :)

Sean Stevens   The Rockefeller University  NY NY  10021
stevens at rockvax.rockefeller.edu

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