smallpox vaccination?

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> >     Is smallpox vaccine still available in the U.S.A. for civilians? If not
> > any idea on where I can be vaccinated or variolated?
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> Why?
I have the same problem in Portugal. My answer to the "why" above is: for
protecting my people working with vaccinia virus, including recombinant work
with VV systems. Although VV does not pose an important biohazard problem,
it is safer to be vaccinated.
Does some one know how to get the vaccine in Europe?

Joao V. Costa

PS - I have not introduced myself to the group yet. I am the head of a lab
working on the mol. biol. of African swine fever virus, mainly on DNA repli-
cation and recombination. ASFV is the only member of a unnamed family of
cytoplasmic DNA virus, with a morphology similar to iridoviruses but with
many similarities in mol. biol. and startegy to poxviruses.

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