hepatitis b virus

alan.r.wald at support.com alan.r.wald at support.com
Thu Jun 22 18:39:17 EST 1995

For adults, Hepatitis B vaccination consists of shots at 0 days, 30 days and
six months. At the hospital where I worked, we had an antibody test at seven
months to make sure that the vaccination "took." If you test positive for
antibodies to Hepatitis B surface Antigen (Anti-HbsAg) before you are
vaccianted then you are already immune from previous exposure. I don't know
about whether a further booster is need down the line. The vcaccines are still
relatively new. The cost has come down a lot in the last few years. The Kaiser
Hospitalsystem  (HMO located in several states) in Southern Califoria now gives
Hepatitis B vaccination as a basic benefit to all newborns. 

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