HBV inactivation

Mark Jude Hyman mh691292
Mon Jun 26 14:55:46 EST 1995

Bruce writes:
>HBV vaccination is carried out with subunit (protein) material and
>does not induce life-long immunity.  Therefore, periodic boosters should
>be done, as advised by a physician.

That's true. According to the Occupational Health people here at Baylor, they
recommend getting your titers checked to make sure that you respond to the
vaccine. They figure that boosters will be called for every 5-10 years, but
there are no firm recommendations about it.

As for what you're proposing, Michael, you might be required to offer your
students the vaccine one way or the other. What will you be doing with the
sewage samples? There are a number of ways to inactivate viruses, and one of
them may be compatible with what you want to do. If you want to do bacterial
work, though, you might be out of luck.


Mark J. Hyman
Division of Molecular Virology
Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, Texas

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