Dany Lepage lepage01 at
Mon Jun 26 20:54:29 EST 1995

      My name is Marilou Labreche. I am studying in chemical engineering 
at McGill university. This summer, I am working for the Ontario Ministry 
of Agriculture and Food in Guelph. My research is on Norwalk virus and I 
am looking for the complete sequence of Norwalk, or at least a part of 
it...between 4475-4944 (in the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene in 
the first open reading frame; ORF1) and between 7010-7465 (near the 3' 
end in the third open reading frame; ORF3).

If you don't have the answer, I would greatly appreciated that you tell 
me where I could find it.

Thank you very much!

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