An arbovirus? (Was Re: Strange virus??)

Naveed Panjwani n.panjwani at
Tue Jun 27 08:07:03 EST 1995

LLV95MPN at (Mikael Nicolaidis) wrote:
> Hi! 
> He're in southern Sweden we lately have had a lot of cases of a very quick
> infecion with flu-like symptoms.
> The first symptoms usually include stomach illness, with vomating or
> diarréa then associated symptoms with fever and pain in all major joints
> and even a few neurological sensations.
> Onset is sudden and fever and pain usually sets in 3-4 hours later.
> Most people are well and kicking after 48h or less.
> Any ideas???
> Maybe it's not that strange??

General febrile illness, joint pain (esp backache), 
and particularly CNS involvement and neurological symptoms are
indicative also of togaviral or flaviviral mosquito/tick borne viral 
infections. I can't remember exactly now, but I know Chickungunya
virus and Onyong nyong virus are endemic in Africa and cause a severe
version of what you describe above.

West and Northern European counterparts exist, look them up.
If CNS involvement is pronounced, this could be from one of the 
equine encephalitis virus that pathogenise humans.

Just my 2 rupees worth...

Naveed Panjwani, 
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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