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...Enough with the guns bulls**t
Tue Jun 27 16:49:45 EST 1995

           There once was a worshipper of guns
            who came down with a case of the runs.

            So it was off to the doctor he went
            crying "Help me" as his lament.

            "Alas" the doctor said,
            This is a VIRUS of great dread....

                        and unless.....

            Science can save you from this scourge
            it will be a ten-gun salute & a funeral dirge."

                           Upon hearing this fearful news...

            The worshipper surfed the net 
            to find the smartest Ph.D.s yet.

            He asked if the solution to his fecal dilution
            lay with gauge size & shot distribution.

            The answer they loudly said
            was as clear as steel vs. lead....

            Blasting cell cultures with guns
            does not make a cure for the runs!
Harry Hahn <mailto:hhahn at>

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