Aids and Ozone

T Herremans epbv02 at
Wed Jun 28 05:32:32 EST 1995

The question is not as daft as it sounds. There is strong evidence to
show that UV irradiation suppresses the immune system, particularly in
relation to skin infections. We have recently published a review of the
effects of UV irradiation on viral infections (Norval et al 1994.
British Journal of Dermatology, 130, 693-700. This article includes
recent data on HIV patients exposed to the sun. So what does all this
have to do with ozone? Well it is the reduction in the ozone layer with
its resultant increase of UV radiation reaching the Earth's surface that
started our interest in this field. There aren't too many papers that
link a reduction in stratospheric ozone and incident UV radiation,
especially not over Europe or Northern America, although some data from
over South America does show this link. 

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