shrimp virus in texas

Donald Chen - Microbiology chend at
Wed Jun 28 11:42:52 EST 1995


I posted this question to the general newsgroup and was pointed here
for a possible answer.  A couple of  weeks ago, the NYTimes had an
article about the deaths of shrimp in hatchery farm from a virus
which the article did not identify.  It was mentioned that the virus
was probably from Equador which experienced an epidemic about three
years ago.  My question:  Is this virus related to the penaed (sp?)
baculovirus which has been affecting shrimp farms in Southeast Asia?
Also, the article says that biologists down there do not believe that
this virus can spread to the local Gulf Coast shrimp. Is this because
of host specificity -eg like the many lepidopteran baculoviruses?
Any help will be appreciated.

Don Chen
College of Veterinary Medicine
Oregon State University

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