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Thu Jun 29 15:07:36 EST 1995

As no one has objected to this post--see previous 
question on appropriateness--here goes.

Position Wanted by Ph.D., 1970, Bacteriology.
Lots of experience in immunology, vertebrate physiology,
and bacterial virology (from long ago].  Training in 
Recombinant Methods at ATCC 1993...Author of about 95 
manuscripts and a few book chapters.  
I'm seeking an undergraduate teaching position with
duties limited to teaching and student advising.  Will
teach advanced courses but will not mentor grad students.
I'll consider junior college, smaller colleges, and professional
schools.  Salary very negotiable, contract terms also flexible.
Most of my career has been in research but I've been a
TA, Instructor, Visiting Assist. Prof. and wish to return to 
the classroom.  Lots to offer as a teacher of undergraduate
students---Please respond to the above address, to 
richardlz at aol.com  or to ziprin at usda.tamu.edu

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