herpes virus integration in host

Jeffrey John john0390 at GOLD.TC.UMN.EDU
Thu Jun 29 19:26:49 EST 1995


I am doing a research project involving the Lucke tumor herpesvirus. This is a 
herpes virus that causes adenocarcinoma found in North American leopard frogs.My
question is this; Do most herpes viruses ( in general) incorporate their DNA in 
to the host genome, or is the herpes virus DNA contained in a episome that 
remains seperate from the host genome, or are there cases for both.

The particular virus I work with is unclear as to whether the herpes virus 
integrates or is contained in an episome. Any generalities or ideas about herpes
viruses integation in to the host would be greatly appreciated

Thank You'

Jeffrey C. John   


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