HIV-1 vs HIV-2

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>Hmmm..."large scale epidemics" of rabies...I know it is endemic in the fox
>population in certain areas of Europe but I've never heard of an epidemic
>of rabies. Anyone??

	In Ontario, where I worked as a vet for a few years, there were 
periodic outbreaks of rabies in the local fox population.  One summer 
there were sightings of rabidd foxes every day in the county; the next 
year, there were none.  There were also damn few foxes left; before the 
rabies outbreak, I had often seen foxes when I went out on early morning 
calls; the next year I saw none.  Anecdotal, aure, but all the health 
officials I spoke to took it for granted that rabies acted as an 
epidemic, with a boom-and-bust cycle.

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