Book List:any additions?

Kathleen Richards kilty at
Fri Mar 31 16:28:02 EST 1995

After reading this newsgroup for a short time I have put together
a list of books suggested for sophisticated lay readers.  The list
is below; does anyone have any further suggestions?

  _The Hot Zone_

  _The Dancing Matrix_

  _Emerging Viruses_
      edited by Preston

  _Evolution of Infectious Disease_
      by Paul W. Ewald

  _The Coming Plague_
      by Laurie Garrett

  _Medical Virology_
      by White,D.O. & Fenner,F.    Academic Press

  _Introduction to Modern Virology_
      by Dimmoch,N.J. & Primrose,S.B.    Blackwell Scientific Pubs.

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