Ebola mediums

The LightKeeper litekepr at cpcug.org
Thu May 11 01:18:52 EST 1995

As far as I uderstand, Ebola has three known strains: named
Zaire, Sudan, and Reston.  They are named for where they were
discovered.  Zaire and Sudan are NOT airborne.  The Reston strain
is _similar_ to Zaire, but is airborne and DOES NOT infect
humans, only monkeys were affected at the import quarentine in

As far as Outbreak goes, it was FICTION and not Ebola anyway.  

All I can say is God help us if Ebola or Marburg or any of the
other nasties finds out how to go airborne.  


Jason Velick <javelick at students.wisc.edu> muttered:

>Yes, we have all heard that Ebola can definatly be spread with
>dirty syringes, and of course sexual contact.  In The Hot Zone, and 
>the Outbreak, Ebola was found to be transmitted also through the air.
>Ok, so why did Ted Koppel fail to mention this possiblity even once?
>Once and for all, can it be spread via the air?

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