Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever - Zaire

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>Subject: Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever - Zaire

>Date: Fri, 12 May 95 15:32:00 EST
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>SUBJECT: Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever - Zaire
>The Government of Zaire and the World Health Organization have reported
>an unusual outbreak of Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever in Kikwit,
>(approximatley 250 miles southeast of Kinshasa)  and the surrounding
>areas within Bandudu Province, Zaire.  The incubation period (time
>before symptoms appear) for Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever may range
>from 2-21 days.  The average is approximately 1 week.  The illness is
>characterized by an abrupt onset of fever and headache.  Continued fever,
>headache, general malaise, muscle aches, joint pain, and sore throat are
>commonly followed by vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.  A transient,
>measles-like skin rash, that subsequently becomes scaly, often appears at
>the end of the first week of illness.  Persons infected with the virus may
>suffer  internal hemorrhaging, severe organ failure and death.
>The disease is primarily transmitted by contaminated injections and close
>personal contact with severely ill patients.  Transmission usually occurs
>by direct contact with infected blood, secretions, organs or semen.
>Otherwise, the risk of infection is believed to be very low.  Persons in
>the incubation period are not considered to be a significant risk to
>those around them.
>Travelers to Zaire are at low risk of acquiring the disease under normal
>circumstances.  To eliminate the risks, travelers should avoid the Ebola
>virus areas described above.  Travelers in Zaire should contact the U.S.
>Embassy for further information after arrival in Kinshasa.
>For future updates of this advisory, you may call CDC International
>Travelers' Voice Information Service at (404)332- 4559 press 1, then
>press 4, and listen for the outbreak menu for Zaire or you may call the
>CDC Fax Information Service at (404) 332-4565 and request document #221009.
>All recipient health departments, travel agencies, airlines, and shipping
>companies should notify prospective travelers of the recommendations in
>this advisory.
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