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>My understanding, after reading the "Hot Zone" and "The Coming
>Plague," is that only the Ebola Reston strain has an airborne
>transmisison vector.  Fortunately Ebola Reston seems not to affect
humans. As quite a few researchers, animal, and cargo handlers showed
>seroposivitivity to Ebola Reston after the Reston outbreak.
>The other two Ebola strains, Sudan and Zaire, *are* quite lethal to
>humans. Both, however, have shown no indication of having an airborne
>transmission vector. So far. Only time (and mutations) will tell...


In "The Hot Zone," Preston suggests that subsequent work with monkeys
revealed that the E. Zaire substrain can be transmitted by air, at
least between monkeys. See conversation between Nancy Jaax and Preston
on pp.255-256.  They're looking at lung slides taken from a monkey that
contracted E. Zaire BY AIR; the virus is seen replicating in its lung
tissue and is, therefore, pneumonically transmissible.

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