Does a virus survive vacuum?

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Fri May 12 07:45:28 EST 1995

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>>I appreciate the iniatives toward food sterilization technology, but what 
>>has happened to radiation?  Has it proven to be unsatifactory? It 
>>certainly seems to knock the bases right off their sugars.
>People tend to go nutso when told the food they are about to eat
>was nuked.  (Never mind the fact that they probably popped it in
>the microwave 20 seconds before. . .)

 Uh-huh. Not the same thing at all. There's a great difference between
 ionising radiation and microwaves. Not that I would mind eating irradiated
 food, but the flavours all go to hell. Also, what about the accumulation
 of free radicals? 

> I guess they think they'll get cancer. . . better immagined cancer
> than real E. coli or some nasty virus.   (Marburg, anyone?)


								-- David

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