Ok, so the CDC has confirmed..and other things!

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On 13 May 1995, SusanD4739 wrote:

> What kind of strain did the samples test positive for?
This mornings newspaper reported that "Officials at the CDC, who are 
analyzing blood samples from the current outbreak in Zairesaid this virus 
is *extremely similar* to the Ebola Zaire strain that ravaged Yambuku 19 
years ago.  'You have a virus that over a 20 year period of time has 
remained relatively intact' said CDC spokesman Bob Howard.    That in 
itself is puzzling, because viruses such as Ebola are highly unstable and 
prone to mutate.  There is no explanation yet for the similarity between 
samples of the virus and the Zaire virus of 19 years ago.  The similarity 
raises the question:  Has the Yambuku virus been biding its time for 
nearly 20 years, incubating in living creatures such as mosquitoes or 
pigs, only to erupt once again now in humans?"

Anyway, what i want to know, is if this epidemic is getting under contral 
like the CDC says, why did they have to put a quarantine zone *120 miles* 
around Kitwit.  Isn't that a little much for a disease that they say 
hasn't killed very many people, and isn't *that* contagious?  They didn't 
put up that big a quarantine last year in India during the Bubonic Plague 
outbreak.  What's the deal here, are we being screwed by the CDC and 
WHO?  Why do I have the feeling that half the know poulation of the world 
would have to die before they'd admit something was wrong?  I'm sorry, 
but I just don't buy what they're trying to feed us.

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