new Ebola cases in Zaire

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> > Killer virus city under quarantine
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> > By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
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				*Outbreak, the film about the outbreak of a deadly tropical virus,
> > starring Dustin Hoffman, is based on the true story of an Ebola
> > outbreak in the laboratories of a federal primate quarantine unit in
> > Washington*.
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Sorry, I haven't seen the movie nor I read coming plague or hot zone, but
nevertheless I was convinced by infos taken from more specific sites that
the only outbreaks in western countries occurred in Europe in middle 70's
(when the virus was indeed isolated from green monkeys infecting people in
a research lab.) Is this case in Washington recorded as an Ebola outbreak?
When it occurred? Deaths have been recorded? Any info will be greatly
Thanks, G.Maga
maga at

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