Ebola mediums

Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Sat May 13 17:38:56 EST 1995

On 13 May 1995, S. M. Fitzgerald wrote:

> >Debbie Gaw <dgaw at tiac.net> wrote:
> >
> >You'll note that ebola _is_ transmitted by casual person-to-person
> >contact and nosocomial transmission (whatever that is) in addition to
> >blood, vomit, and syringes.
> Courtesy of Random House Webster's:
> >nos-o-co-mi-al (nos uh koh'mee uhl)  adj. 
>                   1.  (of infections) contracted in a hospital.
>              [1850-55; < NL nosocomi (um) hospital (< LGk 
>              nosokomeîon = Gk noso- NOSO - + kom- (base with 
>              sense " care, attendance, " as in gerokómos caring 
>              for the old) + -eion suffix of location) + - AL 1]

Actually, hospitals are the very best places to contract the fun viruses 
and bacteria.  It is primarily in hospitals where an otherwise healthy 
individual is more likely to pick up a multidrug resistant strain of 
Staph, or pneumonia, or TB, or a myriad of other really cool nasties.  
Your best course of action after an operation or whatnot is to get the 
hell out of a hospital as soon as possible after treatment to improve 
your odds of continued survival.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  ;)


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