Ebola virus outbreak in Africa

Steve stevech at netcom.com
Sun May 14 13:24:22 EST 1995

The LightKeeper (litekepr at cpcug.org) wrote:
: Vampire Junction <vampires at freenet.ufl.edu> muttered:
: >The CDC DID attempt to stop AIDS/HIV in the early days.  Hell, 
: >they were the ones who realized there was an epidemic going on.  It was 
: >the GOVERNMENT and Reagen who didn't give a shit because the only people 
: >dying were "undesirables" --homosexuals, blacks and drug addicts.  
: >The Gov/Reagen refused to give them any money for research.  Read "And 
: >the Band Played on", it'll scare the living shit out of you, and piss you 
: >off.

: >---Candy

: Give it a rest.  This belongs in alt.conspiracy with the "Ebloa
: is a Clinton plan to kill Rush Limbaugh" people.

Oh God.

Reagan did everything in his power. Not!


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