Ebola Ground Zero

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Mon May 15 14:35:08 EST 1995

In <3p567i$idp at comet.connix.com> dbeers at connix.com (David Beers)
>It will be interesting if they can now find Ground Zero for
>Ebola.  Richard Preston of Hot Zone thought if might to in
>Kitum Cave.
>I wonder if the first person infected in Kitwit went to Kitum cave?
>Did the person work around monkeys?
>Time will tell if they can find the source.  Something tells me they
>won't.  Because according to Richard Preston they haven't found ground
>zero for AIDS.  And they sure have the money and resources to try
>and find it.
>If anybody has any info on first case in Kitwit 1995 post it.
     I understand Kitum Cave was suppose to be Marburg and the disease
in Kitwit is suppose to be Ebola Zaire.
     Marburg and Ebola Zaire are two DIFFERENT filoviruses.

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