Computer consultants with an Ebola FAQ?!?!?

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Fri May 19 09:08:10 EST 1995

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> Re: "The Ebola FAQ" (
>     and "The Ebola Page" (
> Fellow scientists,
> I am deeply disturbed by David Ornstein's (davido at misuse of
> the Net ...(snip).

I was looking at both pages and (as maybe someone has seen) I pointed
people to the NIMV page (the one of Spencer). This was because:
-David Ornstein already posted his Net address
-The NIMV provides also many other infos about viruses that could be of
interest for everyone as well as many scientific infos useful for
Anyway, I really do not see the problem. According to the disclaimer of
Ornstein, he is building up a FAQ about Ebola without any income. So I
really appreciate his contribution to improve the informations available on
the Net. It looks that he knows very well he's not a virologist and checks
carefully any info he's posting. If any mistake occurs, all we are invited
to amend it.
I do not see why there must be a conflict about who is the *official* WWW
page about Ebola, because there must be not only one page! I would be happy
to see that Spencer (who did a good work, must say) collaborates with
Ornstein in order to mantain these two good sites, rather than fights for
*who's the best site here*.
I think that war of informations is really a bad thing and makes no good
for anyone. The NIMV is a well-acknowledged scientific institution, so
don't fall out of style with unappropriate polemics. (BTW, if there is
*any* reason to flame David Ornstein or to believe he has interests other
than public utility in mantaining the Ebola page,let us know).
My thanks to both Stephan and David. Go on with your work.
G.Maga, PhD
Institute of Veterinary Biochemistry
University of Zuerich-Irchel 
Zuerich (CH)
maga at

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