Snooty Virologists-an apology

jwr at jwr at
Fri May 19 05:42:31 EST 1995

>   jwr at writes:
>  Snooty Virologists! To all of you professionsal virilogists-my apologies for being interested in what is 
happening in Zaire! I would think 
>  you folks would find it encouraging that people out here in cyberspace do take an interest in such 
things and from that interest and 
>  from this medium known as the "Internet" some of us are learning just a bit more and just 
possibly-through this learning processs, 
>  although it might be somewhat inconvenient for some of you-may be able to make a contribution to 
mankind. I will agree that much of 
>  what's being posted is a waste of time reading-but it shows there is interest and that interest will be 
the beginning of something good! 
>  Be patient and understanding of us "simple folk". Keep up your good work and especially your 
informative additions to this page. 
>  Thanks!
          Thankyou to all of those who explained to me the proper use of this newsgroup. I now have a 
much better idea as to the problems being created by all the "unscientific" and "lay" postings to this 
newsgroup. For all of us not virologists-let's just read the stuff and "Post No More". I was wrong and I 
humbly apologize. Keep up the good work virologists! I have a feeling that you folks are going to 
become ever more important as time goes forth! I truly hope you are all appreciated. Thanks. jr

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