Info needed on Ebola

Guy Van den Berg zcrhm02 at
Mon May 22 03:46:41 EST 1995

In article <1995May19.144139.72488 at>, zcrhm02 at (Guy Van den Berg) says:
>Iam a student studing medical policy and need info on ebola virus.
>I have read all easily avaible sources and am know looking for more indepth scientific information.
>If any doctors etc. could please send any info I would be grateful.
>Please only send geniune peer-reviewed material.
It seems that my request was alittle rude and upset some of you out there, for that I apologise.
Of course I only meant references, not WHOLE books typed in!!!!

The request is still valid,I am looking for material about the Ebola virus, and emerging 
diseases in general, but with emphasis (Sp?) on viral entities.

Thanks in advance,
Guy Van den Berg.

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