Ebola mutagenicity; Contingency planning

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Albert Nanomius <nanomius at netcom.com> wrote:
>A note to the people who have flamed me in email:
>unless you can offer information to rebut me, I don't
>give the slightest damn that you don't think I should 
>be posting here. I also think that if you are a scientist,
>it is your public duty to be graceful to the neophytes
>that are showing up on your doorstep. 

	It is also a common courtesy to be humble when one is trying to
learn something from others.

>I have been following
>the "snobbish, pompous elitist" thing a bit and find it
>utterly amusing. it appears there was not an Ebola FAQ
>until the most recent outbreak, and now the only one
>written is by an "outsider" (a software engineer, whom
>I commend). Mr. Pompous Scientists, if you had already
>written a FAQ and had a good Ebola site ready, or put
>one together yourselves, you would be far better equipped
>to deal with this mass exodus of humanity into your 
>realm here.

	If we get as much money per brain-hour or labor-hour as you do,
not for ourselves but for research, we could have cured the damn disease,
what the hell do you need the FAQ for?

>to all the scientists who are funded with taxpayer money
>here-- get your act together. don't act like such snobs
>that are not willing to discuss their specialty with interested
>laymen, and think that you cannot even talk about a topic until
>you have gone to Grad school and gotten  a PhD. 

	Snobs? Oh, from those who have the see-they-already-found-
the-cure-but-don't-want-to-release-it, or they-spent-all-the-taxpayer-money
-to-engineer-killer-virus, or why-fund-basic-research-when-we-do-not-have-
cure-for-cancer-yet attitudes?

	We can't get our act more together than it is right now, because
it is already together. Instead, why don't you get your facts right before
you start accusing?

	And you don't need a Ph.D, all you need is just be a little
humble, and a little nicer to everyone, not only to scientists.

>instead of taking advantage of this opportunity to educate
>the public, I see nothing but a bunch of illtempered
>grouchy gripes from what appear to be ingrateful scientists
>about the Hot Zone or Richard Preston or whatever. 

	This is what you are going to see for the rest of your life
anywhere you go because you are a snob. Instead of taking advantage of
this opportunity to learn and exchange ideas, you farted.

	Talking about getting one's act together...

 - T. L. Chew

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