Ebola Reston Monkey house demolition on May 30

Randolph Crawford crawford at cais3.cais.com
Fri May 26 14:10:05 EST 1995

I stopped by the old Hazleton Labs Monkey house in Reston VA today
(made famous in Richard Preston's "The Hot Zone"), and found two men
outside videotaping the place as construction crews driving front end
loaders rumbled about inside.

I was told by one of the cameramen there that the building was slated 
for demolition next Tuesday, May 30.  Presumably the owners decided
after six years of vacancy, it was time to give up trying to rent the
place and rebuild instead.

So if you ever meant to visit the Reston Monkey House, you'd better
do so before Memorial Day weekend is past.

The address is: 1946 Isaac Newton Square West, just off Wiehle Ave,
one block North of Sunset Hills Rd in Reston, VA.  (Preston was
mistaken in his book.  The Hazleton building was nowhere near Leesburg
Pike.  It is however, quite near the Dulles Airport Toll Road.  FYI,
Hazleton Lab, Animal Products was still listed in the 1991 Northern 
Virginia phone book.)

For those of you not indending to visit, the "Monkey House" is part
of an office park near the center of Reston.  The park appears to have
been built around 1980 and consists of maybe 20 one story brick and
concrete smallish office buildings now inhabited by a aerobics spa,
A Montessori School, a nail care shop, a software firm, etc.  The 
Monkey House is easily identified because it sits behind an eight foot 
construction fence and looks like it's either been in a minor fire or, 
as in fact, it has been empty for some time.  Otherwise the building 
is entirely unremarkable.  It was definitely neat to finally see first-
hand so infamous and yet innocuous a place.

crawford at mrj.com

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