Ebola Reston Monkey house demolition on May 30

Ted Phillips phillipst at bah.com
Tue May 30 11:24:36 EST 1995

In article <3q592d$kg0 at news.cais.com>, <crawford at cais3.cais.com> writes:
> I was told by one of the cameramen there that the building was slated 
> for demolition next Tuesday, May 30.  Presumably the owners decided
> after six years of vacancy, it was time to give up trying to rent the
> place and rebuild instead.

> The address is: 1946 Isaac Newton Square West, just off Wiehle Ave,
> one block North of Sunset Hills Rd in Reston, VA.  (Preston was
> mistaken in his book.  The Hazleton building was nowhere near Leesburg
> Pike.  It is however, quite near the Dulles Airport Toll Road.  FYI,
> Hazleton Lab, Animal Products was still listed in the 1991 Northern 
> Virginia phone book.)
> -- 
> Randy
> crawford at mrj.com

My son goes to Sunrise Country Day Care in that office park, and I too read 
Preston's book when it came out.  Kinda gave us the willies, but, hey we've 
been living within a mile of that building for 7 years and haven't started 
bleeding uncontrollably yet.  :-]

And, yes, there was a lot of construction/destruction equipment out front this 
morning.  I guess they are finally tearing the sucker down.  According to my 
day care provider, the landlord is tired of sitting on this unleasable 
property and wants to tear it down and put a new building in its place.  The 
existing building is in pretty bad shape.

About Hazelton Labs, they DO HAVE a facility up on route 7 at the intersection 
of Towlston Rd (down toward Tysons Corner).  This is where most of their lab 
work and administrative stuff is done -- and this was the facility Preston was 
referencing in the Hot Zone.  A neighbor used to work at this facility, and it 
is still there (as of this morning, anyway).


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