thymidine kinase

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Wed Nov 1 11:55:12 EST 1995

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> Do cells have a thymidine kinase?: What is its function?:  My professor 
> asked because I finished a paper on acyclovir's inhibition of viral TK 
> catalyzed reactions in regards to Herpes Simplex Viruses.  Thanks

If you wrote a paper about ACV inhibition of viral TK you shouldn't have
ignored the existence of the cellular TK and its implication for the ACV
development (why ACV has been made in such a way? why it's so specific for
viral TK?). Anyway, TK is the main enzyme of the nucleotide salvage
pathway in the cell. Look up in Stryer or Lehninger Biochemistry textbooks
under nucleotide synthesis to find out most of the basic infos you need.

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