ebola vaccine?

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nyneve at u.washington.edu ('Gavia immer' Deborah Wisti-Peterson) wrote:

>recently, i have been told that there has been an ebola vaccine
>developed that is being tested in africa. the person that relayed
>this information to me said this had been mentioned on a radio 
>newsbrief. does anyone know if this is true of if it is just 
>another one of those rumors?
>                     Deborah Wisti-Peterson

Hope the following helps. From ProMed Digest V95, #162:


From: "John P. Woodall" <woodall at wadsworth.org>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 12:00:49 -0500 (EST)
Subject: PROMED: Ebola cure?

Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 13:08:08 -0800
From: Dorothy Preslar <dpreslar at igc.apc.org>


On 30 Oct 1995 on the CBS Evening News, Dr. Bob Arnot reported on a
claim by Russian scientists that they have developed a treatment
for Ebola fever that "In our experiments we've been able to cure
100 percent of patients." [Sounds as though they experimentally
humans with Ebola - Mod.]

[FAS Note: The Russian making that statement and identified as a
Russian medical researcher was Viktor Mikhailov, which is the name of
physicist who was, a few years back, involved with an organization
called Chetek, a commercial venture for the sale of Soviet nuclear
technology.  Mikhailov was in 1991-92 (and perhaps still is) head of
Russian Ministry of Atomic Power and Industry.  He has never been a
scientist or medical researcher.]

The Russian "cure" uses an antibody called IgG.  The US Army is
testing the IgG for its efficacy as an antidote to Ebola.  Arnot
interviewed Gerland Parker and Peter Jahrling of USAMRIID and also
C.J. Peters of the CDC, who confirmed laboratory successes but
stopped far short of backing up the Russian claims.

A disturbing element of the news feature had to do with a review
by international experts of published Ebola experiments from the
old Soviet Union, a review which found the Soviet program looked
like a biological weapons program, "including the ability to grow
large quantities of Ebola and even freeze-dry it for later use."

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