antigen presentation and enhancing antibody

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>As far as antibody-mediated enhancement of infection, it's only seen in a
>relative handful of viruses, of HIV may (or may not, in vivo) be one.  The
>classic example is dengue virus.  The two basic requirements (fairly
>obvious, really) are that the antibodies be non-neutralizing and the virus
>be able to survive in an Fc-bearing cell.  Here are a couple of papers you
>might find useful -
> Kurane I.  Rothman AL.  Livingston PG.  Green S.  Gagnon SJ.  Janus J. 
>Innis BL.  Nimmannitya S.  Nisalak A.  Ennis FA. 
> Immunopathologic mechanisms of dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock
> Archives of Virology - Supplementum.  9:59-64, 1994.
> Jiang SB.  Lin K.  Neurath AR.
> Enhancement of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection by 
>antisera to peptides from the envelope glycoproteins gp120/gp41
>Journal of Experimental Medicine.  174(6):1557-63, 1991

Well, not quite right. For flaviviruses, the Ab need not be "non-neutralizing",
it must just be at a subneutralizing concentration. In vitro, most any anti-E
Ab can be used, at the right dilution. In vivo, this may mean that low levels
of Ab from a primary infection may be important in enhancing a secondary
infection early on.

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