Trying to locate virologist

micro l.dabir at
Fri Nov 3 13:55:23 EST 1995

Hi, I need help!!!!  I'm trying to locate the e-mail address of  the following individuals with respect to 
an article they have published in 1989.  The individuals are:

	Hermann Einsele
	Angelika Valbracht
	Gerhard Jahn	
	Reinhard Kandolf
	Claudia A. Muller

The reason for this inquiry is due to their  publication of an article titled "Hybridization techniques 
provide improved sensitivity for HCMV detection and allow quantitation of the virus in clinical 
samples".  The article was published in the Journal of Virological Methods, 26 (1989) 91-104.

I would appreciate anyone who can help me!!!!!

Thank you in advance,

( A desperate graduate student!!!! )

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