Purpra? Any info or direction?

Harry Callahan torrett at primenet.com
Thu Nov 9 10:08:51 EST 1995


     I am writing for a friend who has been told her 7 year old son, 
Michael, and 5 year old daughter, Julie, have H S Purpra.  Initially, Julie 
was diagnosed with it, now about a year later, Michael has also been diagnosed 
with it.  When Julie was diagnosed, we were told by the doctor that is was 
very rare.  If it is indeed that rare, what are the chances both children 
have it?  The symptoms are:
		- Red spots (look like mosquito bites) from the waist down which eventually 
			rupture internally and turn into bruises
		- Swelling of the joints (lower extremeties)		
		- Slight fever
		- Extreme pain in the legs and feet
		- Michael had swelling and spots on his hands and forearms as well.

     There hasn't been any apparant catalyst to start the spots or swelling.  
If anyone has any information on Purpra or any alternative viruses or even 
a group or person who may have more info, please let me know.  My email 
address is torrett at primenet.com.  Thank you in advance.

Tom Torretta

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