ebola transmission

Yves Konigshofer BG6S000 at MUSICB.MCGILL.CA
Sun Nov 12 22:24:21 EST 1995

Is it possible for a plant to use ebola as a defense?  If plants
can produce toxins to ward off insects and other animals then could
it be possible for plants to also use a virus?  After watching the
last CNN Presents episode on ebola, they stated that the first case
was a charcoal maker which would have exposed him to the sap of all
sorts of different plants.  Could it be possible that the ebola
virus contains genes with both mammalian and plant promoters?  The
structure of ebola does look a bit like TMV, although it is not
rigid and seems to bend...

Since tropical plants and animals have come up with just about every
possible defense mechanism, why don't they use a virus which takes
out the attacking animal as well as that animal's associative group
(pack, herd, ?).

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