Help!!-Expression of the S+L surface antigens of HepB in yeasts

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Nov 20 12:57:23 EST 1995

>Im a biology  student from Germany and I have to give a lecture on the
>expression of the surface antigens of HepB in yeasts and the production of
>vaccine...I only got rather old information about it and I would like to
>get newer information about HepB vaccines.Can anybody help me out?? Does
>anybody know where to get a picture of the HepB?
>Please reply to my e-mail: stoeckig at
>Thanks in advance
>Christian Stoeckigt

You'll have to learn to use Medline or some other ref. database. Try your
library. However, check out Jun 17, 1994 issue of Cell for some nice pictures
of HBV particles.

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