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>Subject: Meningiacoccymia ???
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>A young friend of mine  has just died from a virus? called
>meningiacoccymia (spelling uncertain).  It is apparently related to
>meningitis, but is very rare & quite deadly.  No one here (laypeople)
>seems to have any coherent information about this disease.   This young
>woman became ill with a sore throat & flu-like symptoms, was given
>antibiotics & sent home.  She went to the ER when she started vomiting. 
>The doctors apparently identified it after she broke out in a rash &
>rushed her to a hospital in Seattle.  She died the next morning.   Any
>information re incubation period, origin, transmittal would be greatly
>appreciated.  Thanks.

This is a bacterial disease. The organism is Neisseria meningitidis, AKA 
meningococcos. It is not all that rare, and is quite common in Cape Town. It 
may cause meningitis alone or a septicaemic illness with a characteristic rash 
which actually consists of skin infarcts. The septicaemic form may be 
associated with septic shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation, and 
has a high mortality rate.

The organism may be carried in the naso-pharynx, and is spread by droplet 
spray. The incubation period is short (1-3 days). Close contacts should be 
treated with rifampicin to avoid secodary cases.

Hope this is useful.

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