Questions about "Science"

Jon Anderson jonand at
Mon Nov 27 17:23:12 EST 1995

Hello all,
	For a project, I need to get a group of opinions on the following 
two questions.

1)	What is Science?  (Don't be fooled, this is a difficult question)

2)	Imagine that you are in charge of the federal funding for the 
following four programs.  
	A)	Research on heart disease
	B)	Research on space exploration
	C)	HIV/AIDS research
	D)	Weapons research for national defense
In order from most funding to least funding, how would you order these 
programs and why?

Thank you for responding to these questions.

Jon Anderson						jonand at
University of Washington				 
Center for Bioengineering/Molecular Biotechnology
Seattle, WA 98195					Mail Stop: 357730 

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