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> From:          kuiken at amc.uva.nl
> Subject:       Q about recombination

> Does anyone know of a paper describing genes from a viral genome 
> 'behaving' more independently (e.g. moving to different locations
> in a phylogenetic tree) the further apart they are in the 
> genome, due to recombination? I've been told that this has been
> described by Temin, but I cannot find the paper. Any other ref
> showing this would also be very welcome. Thanks a lot.

It is not necessarily so that genes will be more independent the 
further they are apart on the genome - many of the simple RNA viruses 
manage to shuffle their genomes quite successfully, so that 
potyviruses (for example) have what looks like almost an entire 
picornavirus-like genome with bits tacked on to either end (CP at 3', 
movement factors at 5' end); comoviruses have a picorna-like genome 
which is split after the capsid genes, with movement factors added at 
5'.  It may well be true in a genus/family, but higher than that it 
would be obscured by "cassette shuffling".  And there are several 
papers on this, most notably by that famous Dutchman Rob Goldbach 
(and even one by myself which you'll never find because it is in a 
South African journal...).
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