Dengue Fever in Cen. Amer. - A Travel Problem ??

Vince Hackley skinsfan at
Fri Sep 1 09:23:25 EST 1995

On Promed recently their have been several articles indicating a possible
Dengue Fever/Hemorragic Fever epidemic in several central american 
countries, particularly El Salvador and Guatamala. Since I may travel to
this area in the next 3-6 month period, I am concerned (to say the least).
Does anyone have any information on the potential risks to travelers in
an area in which a Dengue outbreak is occurring? I know that Puerto Rico
has had similar problems recently, and I wondor how much this has affected
tourism, or whether it is considered a health risk to the tourist population
at all? Are there effective ways to avoid this disease or at least significantly
lower risk when traveling in affected areas?

Any comments should be of general interest to those who travel in this


Vince Hackley
skinsfan at

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