Dengue Fever in Cen. Amer. - A Travel Problem ??

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> On Promed recently their have been several articles indicating a possible
> Dengue Fever/Hemorragic Fever epidemic in several central american 
> countries, particularly El Salvador and Guatamala. Since I may travel to
> this area in the next 3-6 month period, I am concerned (to say the least).
> Does anyone have any information on the potential risks to travelers in
> an area in which a Dengue outbreak is occurring? I know that Puerto Rico
> has had similar problems recently, and I wondor how much this has affected
> tourism, or whether it is considered a health risk to the tourist population
> at all? Are there effective ways to avoid this disease or at least
> lower risk when traveling in affected areas?
> Any comments should be of general interest to those who travel in this
> region.
> Thanks.
> Vince Hackley
> skinsfan at

There is a whole lot of stuff about diseases and travelling on the CDC
website at This would be the first place to
look I guess.

Surely dengue haemorrhagic fever isn't too much of a problem for tourists?
As I recall you first have to have a "normal" dose of dengue fever (which
has flu like symptoms if I remember right) and THEN (at some later date)
get infected by a second (different) subtype of dengue virus to develop
the haemorrhagic fever - the antibodies to the first strain don't
neutralize the second and can cause virus uptake into monocytes etc. (this
makes developing vaccines to dengue a right bugger!).



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