A wee Ebola poem...

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Sun Sep 3 01:06:42 EST 1995

"Outbreak" is a movie; "The Hot Zone" is a book--  
This hemorrhagic fever sure has the world ashook.    
For all the fascination with filoviridae,  
More people die from cholera on any given day.  
More die from influena, TB, and meningitis.  
The hype is just another round of selfish TV-itis.  

So easy to be so concerned when vicariously thrilled  
With all the distant, violent ways that people can be killed.  
So easy just to run your mouth and escalate the scare;  
It's much more fun than studying the info that's out there.  
So read the novels, watch the news, and feel your tensions rise;  
The truth has not the same appeal as titillating lies.  

            - Tara K. Harper

[ And I'm not even going to apologize... ]

/   Even a thought   /
/    Even a possibility can shatter us and transform us   /
/                 - Nietzsche   /

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