Locating Ebola host animal

Chuck Kahn odin at io.org
Mon Sep 4 05:54:59 EST 1995

In article <A7F32EA7880 at ida.ruc.dk>, JOHANN72 at IDA.RUC.DK sez:
> It seems, that a lot of the effort about finding the ebola host animal 
> is used on the Kitum Cave. Has it ocurred to anyone, that the fact that 
> two of the infected persons actually went into Kitum Cave could be 
> nothing but a coincidence? Kitum Cave is apparently a very popular sight 
> in Kenya, i have a friend, who actually went to visit it (he didn't 
> catch Ebola, though). Maybe the researchers should concentrate on 
> something else.

The WHO press release (on their web site) of Aug. 24th seemed to
indicate that most research now was going into testing the 3000
animals and thousands of insects sampled in the outbreak vicinity. 
My knowledge of this cave is sparse at best -- is this the one at
Mount Elgon?  (Maybe I should get a map... )
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