Locating Ebola host animal

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Chuck Kahn (odin at io.org) wrote:
: In article <A7F32EA7880 at ida.ruc.dk>, JOHANN72 at IDA.RUC.DK sez:
: > It seems, that a lot of the effort about finding the ebola host animal 
: > is used on the Kitum Cave. Has it ocurred to anyone, that the fact that 

: The WHO press release (on their web site) of Aug. 24th seemed to
: indicate that most research now was going into testing the 3000
: animals and thousands of insects sampled in the outbreak vicinity. 
: My knowledge of this cave is sparse at best -- is this the one at
: Mount Elgon?  (Maybe I should get a map... )

Um, I think The Hot Zone clearly stated that Kitum Cave is suspected
of harboring Marburg, not Ebola.

In any case, I think Kitum Cave is not very close to the area of the
recent Ebola plague, which was in Zaire.

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