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There's a also a book called "Ebola" by W. T. Close who was the personal
physician of the president of Zaire at the time of the Ebola Zaire
outbreak (A fictional novel based on fact.  I highly recommend it; it has
more to do with the human aspect of the plague, rather than being a
depersonalized account of mortality and morbidity rates).

There are a couple of books with a chapter (more or less) devoted to Ebola
and similar viruses.  The books I'm aware of are:
"The Coming Plague" by Laurie Garrett, and
"Emerging Viruses" edited by Stephen Morse.
The latter seems to me to be somewhat more on the factual/technical side
rather than being dramatic.

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> "The hot Zone" is a book
> "Outbreak" is a movie
> And also a book
> by Robin Cook
> Catherine E. Patterson (cpatterson at WATSON.PRINCETON.EDU) wrote:
> :         "Outbreak" is a movie
> :         "The Hot Zone" is a book
> :                Are there others?

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