Bacterial immunology - HELP

Thu Sep 7 10:46:16 EST 1995

1thomsja at (JAMES A THOMSON) wrote:
>I am researching the problems and tried solutions to the new "SUPER BACTERIA"
>(those bacteria that are resistant to normal forms of treatment).  If any one 
>has any info or ideas, however wild, I would appreciate any help
>Send mail to 1thomsja at 

First, get past the idea that this has anything to do with immunology.  
The types of bacteria you are talking about, unless this post is *really* 
misleading, are those that are resistant to multiple antibiotics.

Second, it is not clear what you are trying to address.  What are you 
asking for?  Ideas about what?  How to treat the infections caused by 
those bacteria?  What?

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